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Tax Services Program                     

FREE Tax Preparation Services:                                               

How does VITA help the community? 

          Rappahannock United Way (RUW) prepared over 1,988 federal and state tax returns for individuals and families, earning less than $64,000 in 2016, for FREE.  This tax season RUW volunteers helped return over $1.8 million back into our community and saving an estimated $497,000 in tax preparation fees.

          This vital service is delivered by skilled volunteers.  Volunteers are critical members of the RUW Tax Team, providing safe, reliable, trusted service.  This tax season our Tax Services Program certified 92 volunteers who gave over 1,720 volunteer hours’ worth over $46,371.  Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers.  See you next season!

How does VITA help you?

          VITA helps put hard-earned money back in the pockets of low-to-moderate income wage earners in the form of tax refunds and tax credits. IRS certified volunteers provide basic federal, state, and local income tax return preparation with electronic filing for free to qualified individuals, saving them an average of $200.00 in tax preparation fees! 

How can you become a VITA Volunteer?

Come be part of the RUW Tax Team!  We need Greeters

Tax PreparersFinancial Coaches and more!


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These volunteer opportunities are ideal for anyone who would like 

FREE job skill training,

FREE IRS VITA Certification and CEU’s for Tax Preparers.


  • Greet tax clients.
  • Ensure tax clients have all the necessary paperwork and documents.
  • Maintain sign-in sheet for all tax clients.
  • Assist tax clients with filling out the intake/interview form.
  • Establish the scope of their return, and ensure that they are sent to an appropriately certified tax preparer.

Tax Preparer:

  • Assist tax clients with preparing their tax returns within certification level.
  • Assist tax clients to determine tax credit eligibility.
  • Assist tax clients to claim all credits for which they are eligible for.
  • Conduct Quality Reviews.

Tax Coaches:

  • Greet tax clients.
  • Maintain sign-in sheet for all coached tax clients.
  • Assist tax clients in navigating FREE tax filing software online.
  • Assist tax clients in completing tax filing process.

Financial Coaches:

  • Greet tax clients.
  • Assist tax clients with accessing credit reports, estimating credit scores, budgeting, saving, and more.